The Port Chester High School Marching Band uniform modeled after the  British Royal Marine uniform is a
major part of scoring in competitions and  parades. Each band member will be issued a uniform  which
consist of a jacket,  pants, belt, helmet . Band members are responsible for keeping the
uniform clean and pressed at all times
In addition, each band member will be responsible for providing  the following  accessories, a must to
complete the full uniform; black socks, white gloves and Dinkles "The Formal",(model #607) black patent
leather shoes. Remember to achieve the highest possible scores it is imperative that all band member look  
alike in uniform. Even one missing part of the uniform could mean the difference  between first and second
Band members will be in their shoes for long periods of time,  long parades and in all kinds of weather.
So, keep in mind went purchasing your  shoes that they are comfortable and roomy enough to
accommodate your feet with  extra pairs of socks on.
Marching shoes and white gloves can be purchased at the  following two
stores. (Buy extra white gloves)
White Gloves
Can be purchased via PCHS Band Store or Amazon.com  click here

DINKLES  click here for ordering details