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In November 2007, the Westmore News published an article capturing the heart of the history of the PCHS Marching Band.

“Our high school band is the best band in Port Chester” 

“Our high school band is the best band in New York!”

“Our high school band is the best band in the state of New York!”

“Our high school band is the best band in the United States of America!”

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Flute Lesson


Our program is dedicated to promoting extra curricular activities, as well as providing our students the necessary disciplinary and musical instruction skills to our diversified student body in Westchester County, New York. Indeed, it is with great pride that our village continues to applaud their numerous performance achievements. Their ambassadorship includes representation of The Villages of Port Chester and Rye Brook, Westchester County, as well as New York State. They have performed at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, served as honor band for two U. S. Presidents visiting New York State; Moreover, the Port Chester High School Band had a featured role in the remake of the holiday film classic, Miracle on 34th Street and Spiderman III.



March 24, 2020


USBands Nationals Class V-A 2022 - 2nd Place | November 5, 2022 - Allentown, PA

USBands Nationals Class VI-A 2021 National Champions | November 6, 2021 - MetLife Stadium

USBands Yamaha Cup 2021 Champions | October 2021 - MetLife Stadium

USBands Nationals Class VI-A 2019 - 2nd Place | Allentown, PA

New York State Champions 2019

USBands Nationals Open 2018 - 2nd Place

USBands Nationals Class A 2018 - 2nd Place

New York State Champions 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011

New England States Champions 2012


2023 Port Chester Fire Department 200th Anniversary Parade | Awarded Best Appearing Drum Major

2023 Greenwich St. Patrick's Day Parade

2022 Greenwich St. Patrick's Day Parade

2019 St Patrick Day Parade, | Awarded  Outstanding Musical Band  | Philadelphia, PA 

2018 George Washington Day Parade | Alexandra, VA 

2003 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade | NYC

2003 Jr. Orange Bowl Parade | Coral Gables, FL

Tournament of Roses Parade

Bicentennial Festival of States Parade

1999 Disney's Magic Light Parade | Florida April 1997

1997 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade | NYC

1997 Hercules Parade | NYC June 1997

1997 St. Patrick's Day Parade | NYC March 1997

1996 Disney's Magic Light Parade | Florida April 1996

1996 St. Patrick's Day Parade | NYC 3/16/96

1991 Operation Desert Storm Parade | Honoring the returning Desert Storm troops | NYC

1981 Iranian Hostage Parade | Celebrating release of American hostages returning from Iran | NYC 1/31/1981

1970 Rose Bowl Parade | California 1/1/70

1969 Old Circus Day Parade | Milwaukee, Wisconsin


MAC Guard Championships Runers-up 2023

MAC Guard Champions 2022
Fan Favorite Show Award 2020

MAC Winter Percussion Champions 2019
Fan Favorite Show Award 2019


1994 Remake of Miracle on 34th Street Movie April 1994
2006 Spiderman III | NYC June 2006


2004 FedEX Orange Bowl Half Time Show | Miami, FL
2002 Orange Bowl Half Time Show | Miami January 2002


1993 Music Festival Williamsburg |  Virginia Beach April 1993
1978 Scottish World Festival | Toronto, Canada August 1978
1978 Cherry Blossom Festival |Washington, D.C.
1975 International Azalia Festival | Norfolk, VA April 1975
1974 Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival 4/26/74
1973 Canadian National Tulip Festival | Ottowa 5/20/73
1972 Festival of States Tournament | St. Petersburg, FL 4/4/72
1971 Cherry Blossom Festival |Washington, D.C.


Port Chester Day
Performance with the Army Band
2005 500th Bermuda Day Celebration | 500th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Island | Hamilton, Bermuda May 2005
2000 Colonial Williamsburg Spring Trip
1994 Celebrated 100th Anniversary of OLM | Port Chester December 1994
1993 Celebrated Port Chester's 125th year at Capital Theatre
1976 Bicentennial Trip to Florida
1965 Performed at NY Worlds Fair
1964 Performed at NY Worlds Fair

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